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My Experience

Donor Experience

I am a repeat donor, currently in my second cycle.
Just like anyone who donates for the first time, everything was a new experience for me during my first donation. ... > more

When my eyes caught the line from the advertisement on a free newspaper "You can help people who are suffering from infertility," this is when I started to think to become an egg donor. ... > more

I wasn’t thinking of becoming an egg donor in the beginning, because egg donation sounds very unfamiliar; especially in Japan. But I had an opportunity to find out that ... > more

From the beginning and even after the egg retrieval was done, I was worried if my eggs would be good enough. When I heard the news that... > more

Even though I applied and registered myself to be an egg donor, I did not realize what it takes until I was actually selected by the recipient, ... > more

I first learned about CROD through an ad in the community newspaper. At that time, I read it with a vague curiosity about it, ... > more

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