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My Experience

Egg Donor Experience

From M. M (California)

When my eyes caught the line from the advertisement on a free newspaper "You can help people who are suffering from infertility," this is when I started to think to become an egg donor.

I contacted CROD and spoke with their donor coordinators. It actually took me approximately half a year to decide to register as a donor.

I did not have any experience of self-injections and I had many concerns such as pain, medication side effects, etc, which I believe is a concern anyone will think about.

I researched about the medication and spoke to the CROD coordinators, asked many questions and felt that I was comfortable to proceed.

I have decided to become a donor and the injection started after I was matched with a recipient couple.

I must admit that I was very scared of the self-injections in the beginning. However, I was very surprised how easy it was and how NOT painful it actually was...

Of course there were times whereby I thought that I wanted to be done with this process (when I had more than one injections).
But what really kept me motivated was the thought of a recipient couple, who had been working very hard and long time in order to create a family.
Their presence through CROD (since I was an anonymous donor) coordinator truly helped me get through the whole process.

The egg retrieval procedure completed very quickly.
When I finished my egg retrieval, I had a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.
Since my egg retrieval, I do not have any side effects or problems.

I have donated twice so far and received thank you letters from the recipients.
These letters are so precious to me that they are my treasure.
From their letter, I could feel and grasp how difficult it was for them not being able to conceive a child for the longest time and how much they looked forward for this opportunity.

I am a mother myself and am blessed to be able to raise a child.
I believe that this is such a beautiful experience that I wish all mothers can experience.
Although I have never met the recipient couple, I must say that my heart feels very close to them.
I genuinely hope that they will have a baby they have been waiting for.

I really think that this was literally a life changing experience for me and I would love to continue to help people like them.

If there are ladies out there who are having second thoughts about becoming a donor, I would like to suggest to speak to the CROD coordinators.

They are very friendly, kind hearted, dedicated professionals whom you can trust and feel free to talk to them about anything.
Their support was so professional yet friendly during the whole process that I am completely satisfied with my decision!

It is your body after all so I hope that you are completely happy with your decision.
But your decision will make such a positive impact for many recipients, it is indeed a rewarding experience!

Thank you CROD!

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