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For Donor Candidates Procedures

Registration Procedure / Psychological Evaluaion, Egg Retrieval, Follow-up Check-up

Registration Procedure

Psychological Evaluaion, Egg Retrieval, Follow-up Check-up

step 1. Inquiry

Complete and send the donor inquiry form on this website.
call us toll free at 1-866-372-6744 or at: (415) 395-9801.

step 2. Receipt of Information / Consultation

You will be contacted by a CROD coordinator via telephone or e-mail, and you will receive a donor registration application packet in the mail.

step 3. Sending Application to CROD

Donor applicants are requested to complete the application form (mainly checking your medical history). After completing the application form, please send it to CROD along with 3 photographs of yourself (at least one of them must be a close-up shot, which shows your facial features clearly), and one copy of photo ID, either a driver's license or passport.

step 4. Interview

After CROD receives your completed application and other required items, we will call you for an interview. The interview will be conducted in person, of if you are from out of town, will be done over the phone. After the interview is completed and all the requirements are met, you are registered with CROD as a potential egg donor.

step 5. Registration Completion and Stand-by

Even after you have registered with CROD, nothing will happen until a couple requesting an egg donor select you as their donor candidate. The time until you are selected and matched can vary from 1 day to several months.

step 6. Psychological Evaluation

Once you are matched with the recipient couple, you will go through a psychological evaluation, done by a licensed mental health professional.

step 7. Signing of Donor Contract

After you pass the psychological evaluation, you will enter into a legal agreement with the recipient couple in the form of a contract, which makes the donor status official.

step 8. Medical Screening / Lab Tests / Informed Consent

Then comes a medical evaluation, conducted by the recipient couple's IVF doctor. To become a donor, you must pass both the psychological and medical evaluation, or you will not qualify as a candidate. All examination fees will be paid by the recipient couple. Furthermore, when you have your medical examination at the clinic, the IVF doctor and nurses will explain medication administration, and conduct medical counseling.

step 9. Starting Egg Retrieval Cycle: Scheduling and Medication Start

After successfully passing both evaluations, your attending IVF doctor will discuss about the egg retrieval cycle (process) with you. For approximately 3 weeks, you will take oral contraceptives (birth control pills), after which you will start subcutaneously injecting hormone medication for egg retrieval.

step 10. Monitoring and Egg Retrieval

After stopping the pill, you will have egg retrieval within 3 weeks. In the interim, the donor will be making clinic visits several times during that period. After the doctor has observed an adequate growth of the follicles (which contain eggs), the egg retrieval procedure day is decided, and the donor will go through the egg retrieval process. The eggs retrieved from you will be given to the recipient couple for fertilization and transfer.

step 11. Receipt of Donor Fees and Expenses

Following the egg retrieval procedure, the donor will receive financial compensation for her time and effort as agreed upon.

step 12. Follow-up Check-up

After the egg retrieval procedure, the donor will take medical checkups to see her health condition after the procedure. This will be the final step of the procedure.

Inquiry/Contact Us
If you would like information about our service, or our egg donor registry, please contact us at:

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