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Financial compensation/Expenses


Financial compensation

The donor is financially compensated for her time, effort, and commitment while participating in the egg donation program. This compensation is in ABSOLUTELY NO WAY considered as the purchase of eggs. Therefore, regardless of the number of eggs retrieved or her egg quality, the donor who went through the egg retrieval procedure will be paid in full for her participation in the egg donation program. The donor will be paid $7,000 (this fee applies for those who are matched after November 1st, 2007.)


The various expenses concerning the egg donation program (valid expenses, including transportation, lost wages, hotel accommodation if necessary) will be fully reimbursed in exchange for receipts or in advance as approved. There will be no out of pocket expenses for the donor, unless the she voluntarily breaches the contract.
The recipient couple will pay for all the necessary examination fees, which are related to donor cycles, such as psychological evaluation or medical evaluation.

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