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My Experience

Egg Donor Experience

From H.O (New York)

I wasn’t thinking of becoming an egg donor in the beginning, because egg donation sounds very unfamiliar; especially in Japan. But I had an opportunity to find out that there are numerous people who suffers from infertility problems such as to inability to produce ovum, and their only choice to have children is by getting the help of an egg donor.

I also learned that I would be donating eggs that would have been a waste anyway, and that the procedure wouldn’t affect my future pregnancy. After I researched these concerns, I decided to become a donor.

Prior to a cycle, I had to have a pap-smear and STD check-up. This turned out to be a good opportunity for me, since I wouldn’t even think of taking these tests by myself.

Once a cycle starts, I needed to go to a clinic couple of times for medical examinations, but it was done very efficiently. I was also be able to request convenient days and time for my appointments.

I was required to do a self-injection for about 3 weeks before the scheduled egg retrieval. Doing self-injection sounded very scary and difficult in the beginning, but a nurse explained to me in details and thoroughly, that made me very comfortable. When I actually did my first injection, I felt a prick, but it was less painful than I had imagined.

In the week of egg retrieval, I had 2 or 3o visits to the clinic for a blood draw and ultrasound. The doctors monitored the size and number of the ovum for to set the best egg retrieval day.

Finally, the egg retrieval day! I went to the clinic without eating a breakfast. The nurses took my temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate to make sure that I was in good condition. Then they gave me IV. The nurses, doctor, and anesthesiologist explained about the procedure and I felt very safe after their explanation.

I was given anesthesia by IV in a retrieval room, then I fell asleep very quickly. I woke up on a bed in the rest area and everything was finished. The surgery was only about 15minutes.

While some people feel discomfort in their lower abdomen before the egg retrieval, I felt a cramping type of pain after the retrieval, for about a week. I was prescribed a painkiller, but I didn’t need to take the painkiller because it wasn’t that painful. There were few rules and restrictions around retrieval for protecting donors from any risks, such as prohibition of hard exercises, but I was be able to spend normal life.

When I was told that the recipient wife become pregnant 2 weeks later I retrieval, I was very happy for them. Although I had never seen them in person, I heard that they had very difficult time in the past, so I was very happy and blessed to be a part of the achievement of their dream.

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