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My Experience

Egg Donor Experience

From A.I (New York)

I first learned about CROD through an ad in the community newspaper. At that time, I read it with a vague curiosity about it, never thinking I would become an egg donor. After that, I found an article in a magazine about egg donation, and I began to seriously think about becoming an egg donor. For many days, I debated with myself over the subject, and came to a conclusion that led me to call the toll free number, a bit scared, an incident I will never forget.

In no way, did I want others to know that I was to become an egg donor. Furthermore, by becoming a donor, I was strongly against playing any parental role after the child was born. It would be unthinkable, if I became unable to have children when I desired them in the future. I was so ignorant, that I really believed these things could happen. This is why I was insistently asking questions to CROD.

When the whole process actually began, from the first interview with CROD staff to the time I actually became a couple's egg donor, they were extremely kind and helpful in their correspondence, and polite in answering my numerous detailed questions. One of my major concerns was protecting my privacy, which was not only legally protected in my contract, but also through the methods in which the staff took great care to contact me.

I don't know about others, but at first, the main reason I decided to become a donor was for economic reasons. However, when I received a thank you note through CROD from the egg recipient couple, I was so moved. I rarely succumb to tears and it is difficult for me to be emotionally moved, but when I read that letter, I started to cry in spite of myself. Frankly, if I was in the position that couple faced, I am unsure as to whether I would take the route of egg donation. However, learning about the couple's emotionally challenging experiences, their earnest joy with the prospect of having a baby came through to me in their letter. In my life, I had the opportunity to play an integral role in changing someone else's life by becoming an egg donor. This experience has affected my life, and has changed me in such a profoundly positive way.

My experience as an egg donor began with impure motives, but looking back, I realize that this gave me one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life.

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