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My Experience

Egg Donor Experience

From I. K (Hawaii)

I am a repeat donor, currently in my second cycle.
Just like anyone who donates for the first time, everything was a new experience for me during my first donation.

All I could do was to ask any and all questions that came up to my mind.
It was wonderful because the donor coordinator was always there for me, providing great support and guidance every step of the way.

Normally self injection starts 3 weeks before the egg retrieval.
I could not deny my fear of self injection because I had zero experience in it, but
once I did it, my impression was "That's it? ".
None of my routine injections affected my daily life and the pain was almost non-existent....

Now, I must say that I was scared on the day of the egg retrieval but the procedure happened so quickly while I was asleep....

Being an egg donor was a great opportunity to deepen knowledge about my own body. It gave me knowledge and experience that I have never had before.
Most importantly the experience was far more rewarding than I could ever think of because I was actually able to help a couple who were suffering from infertility for a long time!

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