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My Experience

Egg Donor Experience

From K.N (California)

Even though I applied and registered myself to be an egg donor, I did not realize what it takes until I was actually selected by the recipient, and examination at a clinic began. Daily medication started, the number of injections increased, and when side effects appeared, to be honest, there was a day that I wished that retrieval would be over as soon as possible. But my timid feeling would disappear as I thought of the recipient couple who are waiting for my eggs with hope, their past suffering and their decision to go forward with egg donor program, and the fact that they have choosen me as their donor. I will never forget such a sense of fullfillment, to the degree that I had never experienced before, knowing that I was able to make someone happy, when I received a thank you card from the recipient couple when I woke up from anesthesia following the egg retrieval.

The CORD staff really took care of me. I was encouraged very much by their careful consideration for my work schedule and physical condition from the moment I registered myself as a donor. I am filled with gratitude for this wonderful experience. Thank you so much.

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